Our Company History

SONDEV administration and mechanical design

SONDEV development and test center

DIN ISO 9001 Certificate

The company's history started well before 2008 when SONDEV was founded. In 2003 development work was being carried out in the measuring equipment and sensor fields, at this time by our ambitious development department that was part of our company SONTEC Sensorbau GmbH.

Even today, close cooperation with SONTEC and SONDIS offers many positive synergy effects. And yet, we have now become an independent company with our own clientele, markets with a promising future and strategy. SONDEV's clearly defined goal is to continue growing.

2008 Foundation of the company SONDEV GmbH by Patrick Sonntag DIN EN ISO 9001 certification
2009 Move to our new company grounds; in addition to modern offices and laboratories, we also have training and seminar rooms
2012 Release of the management software TBB – Task Based Business, Version 2.0
2013 SONDEV now has 6 highly qualified engineers Supported by manpower from the company group, our 12-head team now offers you a wide range of services
2014 SONDEV can successfully demonstrate its competences in international research and development projects
2015 We continue to develop: the new development and test center is erected adjacent to our company
2016 Expansion of the premises by the new development and test center. The team consists of 9 project engineers
2017 Commissioning of our own EMC laboratory. In addition to development-accompanying tests, the range of EMC tests can be extended


We do not have test anxiety

Our company was certified to DIN ISO 9001 in 2008. Annual TÜV audits of the QM system are a matter of course for us.