Heating / Solar Equipment

In heating and solar technology, SONDEV develops products such as temperature sensors, CO2 sensor modules or room controllers with temperature, air humidity and air pressure measurement - individually according to your specification. In solarthermic and photovoltaic systems, the performance is improved with the development of our cost-effective global radiation sensor, as one example.

Machine / Device Construction

Machine and apparatus construction requires a range of different special electronics and sensors when it comes to the reliable collection of measured parameters and machine control. SONDEV offers developments for individual system solutions, which score points with safety and efficiency.

Food Industry

The food sector places the highest demands on development e.g. due to hygiene requirements and difficult environmental conditions. SONDEV's developments precisely and reliably measure temperatures, pressures, conductive and capacitive limit levels and electrical conductivities of fluid media in pipes and containers, even with highly viscose or lumpy media.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Cleanliness, high process temperatures and viscosities from fluid to creamy are the parameters in the production of pharmaceutical products. Alongside temperature sensors and capacitive limit level switches, SONDEV develops conductive and inductive conductivity sensors for pharmaceutical systems.

Medical / Laboratory Technology

These branches are highly sensitive in terms of hygiene and measurement accuracy. SONDEV develops sensors that are tailored to the requirements of installation and use.

Railway Technology

Systems for modern rail technology are subject to the strictest international standards. Durability, vibration protection and reliability in various climatic environmental conditions characterise SONDEV's sensor solutions for this demanding field of use.

Aerospace Industry

The aviation industry demands the highest level of reliability, durability and service friendliness - probably more than any other sector. SONDEV rises to this challenge with special sensor solutions.

Agricultural Technology

Sensors and systems are developed for agricultural technologies that are subject to the special requirements of agricultural technology. With difficult environmental conditions and the necessary high reliability combined with an economical product design, SONDEV rises to the challenges of this sector.